Continue your Dive Education with Deep Narcosis Scuba

Helping good divers become better divers. At Deep Narcosis Scuba, we specialize in developing advanced divers. We believe there is a difference between carrying a certification card and becoming a competent and confident certified diver. We believe all certified divers can become confident divers with a little advice, training, and plenty of practice. DNS instructors teach most PADI™ courses, but our passion is in precision diving. When you wish to continue your diving adventure and improve upon the skills you have to become more capable and confident, we are here to help you accomplish your goals. Our staff of PADI™ certified instructors are ready to answer any questions you might have. We like to keep classes small (3 students max) and they fill up rapidly. Please reserve your spot soon. Or ask us about our private classes or one on one lessons.

We are all about Dive Trips!

Whether your goal is to dive an exotic location, Fiji, Australia, the US Virgin Islands, or some other destination, let Deep Narcosis Scuba work with you on your next adventure. If you are interested in somewhere closer to home, like Mexico or California we can help. On the other hand, if you just want to dive in our backyard, there is always someone from DNS going up to Lake Pleasant just to have some fun and get in some practice. Wherever the diving, we can help.

“Precision Diving” by Grant W. Graves is licensed under CC BY 3.0