Now What??

As a recreational diver:

You finished your rescue diver class, good for you! Great job! Six months later do you remember what you learned? Do you practice during dives with your buddies? Do you practice in the pool? Or are you one of those awesome divers that have done it once and now can preform it perfect every time?

Now that you finished your rescue diver certification, have you considered going to the final step on the recreational ladder and becoming a Master Scuba Diver? All you need to do is have 50 logged dives (we know, twist your arm already because you got into scuba diving because you like to stay dry, right?). Then complete 5 (five) dive specialties, where you will have the opportunity to learn more and practice more skills.

The important part to remember is: Never stop learning… Never stop practicing… You never know when you’re going to need your emergency skills.

As a professional diver:

So you’ve got 100 dives under your belt. You did an IDC (Instructor Development Course) and completed the IE (Instructor Examination). You’re a scuba instructor now! Congratulations and great job!!

Now I have just one question… What kind of instructor are you going to be? I don’t think there is anyone that would say “I’m going to be a horrible one.” Don’t teach the bare minimum, teach the maximum! Give more to the student than you got, even if your instruction was top of the line. Keep learning, even as an instructor. Learn another way to dive, even if you might never dive that way again. Take a class from someone even if you know how to perform the skill or are already able to teach the class yourself. Get into discussions with other instructors about teaching and see another person’s point of view. Call your dive agency and ask their interpretation of a rule, don’t just take someone else’s word for it. Look it up! Teach because you love to dive and want to pass on your knowledge to others who are eager to learn.

Or do nothing… Just my .02

Until next time, stay wet my friends…

Kevin Merrow-blogger